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Esquire Technologies is a privately-owned Black empowerment company with a management team and staff from diverse backgrounds. We understand that successful businesses are built on strong relationships, a culture of hard work, creating opportunities, and delivering on commitments made to our reseller partners and vendors alike. As a truly BEE-compliant South African technology company, Esquire constantly strives to foster positive change; enhance the quality of life for employees and stakeholders; and be responsible towards the community and the environment.

Established in 1999 in Pretoria as a small business that enabled technology to reach the far corners of the country, today Esquire is based in Samrand, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa, at the Esquire Digital Lifestyle Park. This facility spans 8,000 square meters and serves as our main warehousing and logistics centre, with regional branches in Cape Town and Durban. All regions are fully functional in terms of sales, warehousing, and technical support to ensure immediate assistance to our reseller partners. Continuously striving to expand its geographical coverage, Esquire Technologies has extended its footprint into neighbouring SADC (Southern African Development Community) countries, including Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Our Business

Multiple award-winning Esquire Technologies is one of the leading technology companies in southern Africa for IT, Digital Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics, and Mobility products from international vendors around the world. We have over 35 years of industry-leading expertise and have built up an unrivalled reputation for lasting partnerships and exceptional performance in delivering best-in-class end-to-end solutions for Small to Medium Business (SMB) reseller partners (regardless of their size) who support the technology needs of the end-user, including businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and consumer markets.

Adding value and continuously developing the distribution services is the cornerstone of the business, which currently serves a base of over 25,000 active reseller partners and over 500 Online Stores across the southern African region. Key to Esquire's continued success with its SMB reseller partners is the supply chain management system called the 'Virtual Warehouse', offering a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfilment by eliminating resellers' storage problems while still offering them bulk-buy savings. This results in improved responsiveness to reseller partners' needs in rapidly changing market conditions.

Esquire focuses on keeping its range of products relevant and contemporary by continuously monitoring international technology markets for the best-of-breed global brands and latest global trends. With representation in the Far East, USA, UK, and EU countries, the product range is constantly evolving with the growth and evolution of technology.

Esquire is the first South African distributor to introduce three exceptional concepts to ensure continuous ordering and a positive shopping experience for its reseller partners across the southern African region:

The first is a custom-designed Online Ordering System to ensure that resellers can successfully place orders while on the road, at a customer's office, or even after-hours from almost anywhere in the world where there is access to broadband or internet connectivity. The Online ordering system integrates with Esquire's back-end stock control inventory system, ensuring the availability of stock in real-time in all the branches.

The second innovation was the introduction of the retail-type 'Xpress Store' that provides a more exciting visual purchasing experience. The latter also offers reseller partners the convenience of improved efficiencies by expediting the sales cycle and reducing queuing time to purchase products. The Xpress Store concept has also become a marketing tool where reseller partners with shop fronts in shopping centres and shopping malls can get ideas on how to market the products in their own stores.

Thirdly, as Esquire Technologies continues to strive to be a leader in innovative business practices, it has developed the world's first custom-tailored supply chain management system, the 'Virtual Reseller Network' (VRN), which is ideally suited to meet the priorities and distribution requirements of the online e-commerce, Business-to-Business (B2B), and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets. With the VRN, resellers have virtual access to the entire Esquire stockholding, which is updated directly to the reseller's website at regular intervals - often as frequently as every three minutes. Each reseller, however, retains complete autonomy and is allowed to set his own pricing on products, and even change or customize descriptions and product pictures. The VRN empowers the reseller to compete head-on with larger retail stores, including multinationals and franchise stores.

Mission Statement

To source and distribute best-of-breed products in southern Africa, while ensuring high levels of availability, personal service, and support, and continually striving for excellence to ensure sustainable steady growth through innovation, education, teamwork, and open communication with honesty and integrity.

Vision Statement

To be the most admired and dynamic Black-Empowerment distribution company and the distributor of choice in southern Africa, operating on global principles to deliver the best-of-breed products while continuing to develop the business to be at the forefront of the rapidly expanding marketplace for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our Mission and Vision statements are a bridge between our international vendors and our reseller partners to provide a constantly expanding product range that creates sales and profit opportunities, as well as our visible commitment to continue developing our distribution business and continuously finding new ways to bring value to our partners and vendors alike. We recognize that the best way to respond to the expectations of all of our stakeholders is through sustainable steady growth, continuous innovation, and above all, with honesty and integrity.

Achievements To Date

As one of South Africa's leading distributors of top-tiered international brands, Esquire has to date received over 150 local and international awards and accolades for its exceptional channel performance. We have received numerous awards for outstanding promotion of world-class brands and value-added services, as well as business-to-business excellence such as the Distributor of the Year at the 2009 CRN Outlook Awards, the 2010 Metropolitan Oliver Empowerment Awards, and Channel Wise 2012 Distributor of the Year Winner for peripherals.

International awards have included Africa Distributor of the Year in 2012 and again in 2013, and the IC Intracom Award for Partner Relationship of the Year. Esquire has also scored a first for a South African distribution company by winning two awards — the African Distributor of the Year Awards 2013 and the Channel Premier Distributor Initiative of the Year Award in Monaco, Monte Carlo in February 2013.

Esquire's Managing Director, Asgar Mahomed, was awarded the FNB Finance Businessman of the Year award in 2009. Mahomed was also nominated as a finalist for the Top Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010 and in 2011 at the African Access National Business Awards. CEO Mahomed Cassim and MD Asgar Mahomed were finalists in the Exceptional Category of the 2013 EY World Entrepreneur Awards.

Product Range
  • PC Components:

    Complete set of building blocks required to develop a full system including chassis, motherboards, memory, hard drives, video graphics processors and optical storage solutions.

  • Software Solutions:

    Current portfolio includes operating systems, productivity software, security software, server software and backup and disaster recovery solutions.

  • Mobility Products:

    Direct relationship with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobility products such as notebooks, smartphones, tablets, wearable technologies and accessories.

  • Digital Lifestyle and Consumer Electronics:

    Portfolio includes the full spectrum of multimedia centres, audio-visual products such as LED TVs, Projectors, DVD players, digital cameras and accessories.

  • Gaming:

    For the avid gamer, high-end graphics cards, overclock able gaming memory and top of the range cooling systems for gaming PCs as well as gaming className=s including Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and Wii.

  • Accessories and Peripherals:

    This includes computer mice, monitors, printers, scanners, USB devices and accessories for a complete computer solution for the workplace, home and mobile applications.

  • Point-of-Sale:

    Esquire distributes a wide range of POS products and accessories, such as cash drawers, barcode scanners, barcode label printers and custom pole displays.

  • Networking:

    Esquire has partnered with leading vendors to bring resellers a comprehensive selection of active and passive networking equipment as well as wireless and broadband products.

  • Security and Surveillance:

    Comprehensive selection of total security solutions including cameras, digital video recorders, accessories and cabling solutions.

  • Medium to High-End Servers and Accessories:

    Every system is built to order, ensuring the most up-to-date systems. Reliable and cost-effective solutions are delivered through continuous product development and system design.